We are dedicated to put our skills at your service for the deployment of Anaplan solutions for each of your business. We assist our clients with 4 Anaplan platforms:

  • Anaplan for Finance
  • Anaplan for Workforce
  • Anaplan for Sales
  • Anaplan for Supply Chain

KPS Consulting puts its skills at your service for the deployment of Anaplan.

Transformation of the finance function:

Financial planning and management tools ARE truly aligned with your organization and ARE evolving over time

Your management controllers gain greater control and autonomy over the collection, processing and dissemination of financial information

More forward-looking financial management close to business

A more collaborative and connected budget preparation process

Connected Workforce Planning:

Detailed and employee-centered workforce planning

Compliance, in particular with the rules related to the processing and consultation of confidential data

A facilitated management dialogue based on common data and indicators

Increased productivity and reliability of figures

Sales transformation:

Sliding sales forecasts consistent with pricing models and current business opportunities,

Commissioning plans aligned with business strategy

A collaborative process that can intelligently reconcile a top-down and bottum-up approach

Supply chain transformation

Better integration of internal / external factors on request planning

A collaborative and tailor-made sales and operations planning process

A supply chain aligned with forecasts

Tools truly aligned with your needs and evolving over time