Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solution (also known as MS BI). It enables businesses to unify, analyze and visualize data from multiple sources.

Simply put, Power BI is a solution to transform business data into easy-to-interpret visuals in order to make the best possible decision.

This Business Intelligence solution makes it possible to produce reports and dashboards. Dashboards have become very visuals and make it easier for management to steer their activities.

Among its main competitors are Tableau and Qlik.

According to the Magic Quadrant Gartner 2019, Microsoft Power BI is market leader while having attractive prices. The solution provides a complete suite, as well as a clear and interesting roadmap to come.

When to choose Power BI?

  • To aggregate information, when the data is multi-source
  • To organize the data in order To make it understandable (dataviz)
  • To integrate more easily into a Microsoft environment within your Information System (Office Suite, CRM Dynamics 365, …)
  • To start in Business Intelligence with affordable rates

KPS Consulting Sas and Power BI

KPS Consulting Sas has strong expertise in Power BI.

We want to support our clients in the implementation of datvisualization solutions, innovative and friendly storytelling. We propose a complete offer in order to master the digital solution but also to closely analyze its performance.