Sales Force

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and sales automation tool. It boosts all stages of the sale: from managing opportunities to signing the contract.

A real business accelerator, Sales Cloud is a CRM platform designed to help salespeople and sales departments in their daily lives: easier prospecting, access and sharing of information related to the client portfolio at any time, simplified pipeline management, without forgetting the mobile access via Salesforce application.

Transform your business and your customer relationship with the leader of CRM.

For sales:

Sales Cloud is a CRM and sales automation tool. It energizes all stages of sales: from managing opportunities to signing the contract.

Increase your sales with the leader of CRM application !

Discover Salesforce for sales with this video:

Sales Cloud lets you sell your way and interact with your customers in a personalized way. Check out our free demonstrations and find out how:

  • Easily track your contacts, opportunities and key contracts
  • Boost your commercial efficiency through sales automation
  • Manage the pipeline and boost your business performance
  • Get a complete view of each client to make better decisions

Customer service :

From the call center to the self-service portal, Service Cloud helps you anticipate your customers’s needs and deliver more responsive, intuitive and flexible customer service.

Offer your customers faster and smarter support!

For the Marketing Department:

With Marketing Cloud, offer an unique experience thanks to fully personalized customer itinerary on all channels – e-mail, smartphones, social networks, web…

Create and manage your personalized customer itinerary more easily!


Learn to listen and develop a social media presence to align sales, service and marketing.

Platform and applications

Thanks to the Salesforce Platform, transform your ideas into mobile and business applications, in a few clicks or lines of code.

Easily create your business applications!

Salesforce Platform accelerates the development and deployment of your applications. Entirely based in the cloud, this client platform allows you to:

  • Quickly create custom applications, by clicks or by code
  • Connect everything with powerful APIs
  • Deploy any application and access it from Salesforce
  • Start with more than 2,000 applications on the AppExchange