Tableau Software

Tableau Desktop is a tool for developing and designing reports and dashboards. It allows you to explore data, analyze it and present it graphically and visually.

Business Intelligence software developed by Tableau Software allows companies to access, analyze and visualize from a few to several thousand business data. Usable by any Excel user, these data analysis tools allow you to easily create complex visualizations and dashboards, in a simple and intuitive way.

Tableau Software Products:

Tableau Desktop lets you create interactive dashboards in just a few clicks from any source data. The product makes the most of everyone’s natural ability to think visually. To answer complex questions, all you have to do is create a series of simple views that you can assemble as dashboards in a few clicks. You follow your natural reasoning and are never stuck by execution assistants or forced to write scripts. And all this 10 to 100 times faster than competing solutions.

Tableau Server allows you to easily distribute in web mode to your employees, customers or partners analysis and dashboards that you will have previously created via Tableau Desktop. To do this, all needed is to publish your workbooks on the server in a few clicks by choosing the recipients and the desired level of security. The documents are then immediately available and searchable via any web browser on their PC and via a free application on iPad and Android tablet. No installation is necessary on users’ workstations.

Tableau Reader is a free application to install on PC or Mac to easily share visualizations of data. Users who do not have the full version of Tableau Desktop can still read existing workbooks and interact with the data.

Tableau Online is the Cloud version of Tableau Server. It offers the same functionality, while adding versatility and flexibility of a hosted version. Data and dashboards can be instantly shared and read on PCs and tablets, all in a secure manner. Go for the power of Tableau without any infrastructure management.

Tableau Public is free and makes data analysis and visualization accessible to everyone. It makes it easy to create interactive content to make data tells the story, and easily publish these visualizations on the web.

Note: everything published on Tableau Public is accessible and free to access on the web (workbooks and data)!